When life hands you alarm clocks.

[Sparrow blanket skirt from Anthro + T by Alexander Wang classic long sleeved pocket tee + Joie booties + Warby Parker Nash glasses.] …wear clothes to work that are essentially made ...

In the weeds.

[Rag & Bone Skinny Repair jeans + Need/Supply Knightsbridge sweater + Sigerson booties.]   In the weeds, guys. In the weeds. Can barely respond to emails, let alone accomplish things ...

I’m a steady hand, I’m a Dodgers fan.

[Vintage Steppenwolf t-shirt + scalloped cocoon cardigan + black cotton seamed pants + Edelman Louies.] I’m aware that I can be a little boring here. Maybe even a one-trick pony. ...


Non-criminal creative abandonment: killing creativity, p. 3

[Free People Tattered Up shred slip + Madigan cardigan + Free People coin ...

Domaine Rolet · 2011 · Côtes du Jura Rouge · Les Grandvaux · Jura, France

From a geographical standpoint, the Jura is not all that complicated. Just ...

Who relocated my Brillat-Savarin?

[Joie Katrine blouse + Dolce Vita shorts + Joie Dalton suede booties ...

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McKinlay · 2012 · Pinot Noir · Special Selection · Willamette Valley, Oregon

Have you ever met a winemaker that seems totally unafraid? Grounded and uncomplicated? No type-A, in-your-face manifesto, philosophy or secret stash of skills for which stand solely as the barrier between great wine and everything else? When you meet those winemakers you can’t help but start questioning the fluff and ego that gets credit for the success of the wines we drink. […]

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One Perfect Shot: Style & Scene Retrospective, “Prime”

This is really less of a look at wardrobe (less than, say, my Karen Retrospective) and more of a total love letter to the director of Prime—an unsung gem of a film. Outing myself as a total psycho here. I haven’t watched this movie often, but for the few times I have over these 9 […]

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Oregon 2014: Photo Journal Part I

2014 could mark the end of an era, or perhaps just the beginning of new things. 3 years, 4 harvests, each so unique I sometimes  feel like the only common thread is that I spent them all with Winemaker Michael Lundeen at Walnut City Wineworks. 2011 was my debut vintage, as well as a difficult harvest, and looking […]

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Pinot Noir: 2 for around $20

Jean-Paul Brun · 2012 · Bourgogne · Terres Dorees · Beaujolais, France  2012 is going to be a scant vintage in Burgundy to say the least. It was the first half of the year that really set the tone. The weather was, well, shit. It was cold, wet and punctuated by a weak, drawn out flowering, spoty fruit set, frosts […]

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Hey, tough guy: a letter to myself.

  [Which We Want flannel from Need/Supply + All Saints Assembly leather jacket + Rag & Bone hat + PAIGE Hoxton jeans + Sigerson Morrison booties + Vanessa Mooney spike necklace + Warby Parker Nash glasses.] Dear Carey, ages 6-16: Yo. I say ‘Yo,’ because I know this to be your salutation of choice. You […]

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When years become more than a sum of days.

  [Joie Elaine cross-strap heels + Dolce Vita shorts + Vanessa Mooney choker + UO lace cami + Cloth & Stone denim shirt.] What’s your inside age? Your “feel” age? I’ve had pals say they’re forever 17. I’ve had some pine for 20. 30 was my favorite, but most of the time, if I had […]

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If it ain’t broke, find excuses to fix it: killing creativity, p.4

[Isabel Marant clogs + Madewell Forecast sweatshirt + Vanessa Mooney concha necklace + Rag & Bone hat.] There are these moments my mom called “character-building moments.” I sat in the empty office. The desk was messy—a cozy, friendly messy, not like the sterile corporate offices I’d grown up around. A nameplate read: “Filmé,” a phonetic […]

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Life en iPhone: August, 2014.

[Summer staples: black manicures + Need/Supply finger cuffs + Dolce Vita shorts + Rag & Bone hat + Joie booties + Isabel Marant things far, far out of my budget.] Neither out of a sense of being overcome by one’s good looks nor habit (vanity maybe, though), I went the way of Cher Horowitz and […]

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Montsecano · 2012 · Pinot Noir · Casablanca Valley, Chile

I like forward thinking in winemaking. I like winemakers that separate themselves from the pack on just the hope that maybe somebody will understand and appreciate what they’re trying to do. And I believe that’s exactly what André Ostertag is doing here. So here’s the breakdown… André’s family domaine and roots are in Alsace, he trained in […]

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Fall five.

[RBW 23 Zipper jeans + Vanessa Mooney Nebulous Statement necklace + Heather maxi dress + Cheap Monday Sheet blouse from Need/Supply + Luela cardigan from Need/Supply.] While we’re waiting for me to cobble together some pictures of me to accompany the next creative series post, let’s talk about fall. It’s my favorite season. But not for […]

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Sunday Spins: Death Cab

If I had to put all my money on a song never making me feel bad, it’d be this one. “The flames and smoke climbed out of every windowAnd disappeared with everything that you held dearAnd you shed not a single tear for the things that you didn’t need‘Cause you knew you were finally free.” […]

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Sunday Spins: Gimme Shelter

There are precious few things as perfectly excellent as sitting in front of your record player and putting 100% of your focus into what’s playing, nothing else. From last Sunday; got a wild hair and ripped the Stones all day with the bass cranked up. Love the clear vinyl reissue; I have both new and […]

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