Wincing through the lingo.

[Pictured: latergram from an especially rank bathroom in RVA after a margarita. Obviously.] There are a lot of things I don’t know, but I’ll tell you one thing I do ...

What’s in a name + a quick ode.

I revealed on the C+C Facebook recently that I kind of hate the living s*$t out of this blog’s name. Ha! Sorry, man. But it could not be further from ...


“I’ve just been so terrible about keeping in touch. I just, I work, all the time, and I talk about work, I worry about work, I haven’t exercised in over ...


Cat hood.

New Year’s Day. Was walking around the ‘hood and as we are ...

McKinlay · 2012 · Pinot Noir · Special Selection · Willamette Valley, Oregon

Have you ever met a winemaker that seems totally unafraid? Grounded and uncomplicated? No type-A, in-your-face ...

Oregon 2014: Photo Journal Part I

2014 could mark the end of an era, or perhaps just the ...

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The little garden that could.

[Celebrating the first day in a month not spent with dirt caked under my fingernails with Raventos i Blanc pink cava.] Now that you know I’ve been bananas busy like my backside’s on fire—so busy—I thought it’d be a good time to put a few more dirty socks on that pile and tell you about two […]

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While the gettin’s good + a quick hello.

Not that I’m a pusherman, but a deal’s a deal. Wish I knew about this before I bought that sexy, zip up long-sleeved bathing suit last week. I’d hope that it ends up being too small so I have to return it and reorder with the code, but that actually sounds like a bloody nightmare. […]

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2014 J. Mourat “Collection” Rouge Val de Loire Fiefs Vendeens

A blend of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Negrette from the estate vineyards of Jérémie Mourat in the western Loire Valley. Fruity, floral, minerally and deep…the Collection rouge is one part in a series of three wines—the other two, a rosé that mirrors the composition of the red, and a blended white of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay. […]

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You unoriginal bastard!

“$1.25, Willie?” Name that reference and you get a burrito. Bonked a presentation over the bean with a rotten tangerine today. Just, BONK. (Not pictured.) Formula dressing for formula nailing. I’m getting the hang of corporate in the same way someone gets the hang of being in a foreign country by just giving up on […]

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Flush to the beat of your own drum.

Hey! Things were getting a little serious around here, so I figured I’d tell y’all a quick story to lighten things up. It’s called “The Follow-Up Flush.” It hails from a small, legendary all-girls’ prep school in Richmond, VA. In an era full of Double Dare, Don Johnson and the Doobie Brothers. These were girls […]

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Tighten your wig.

I’ve been having so many revelations about getting older lately. The most recent was a sort of cracked, hysterical concession. I noted that, contrary to original assumptions about my persona (psychotically competitive and perfectionist), hanging out with people younger than I am was not going to be about competing with them, and definitely not about keeping […]

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Wizzle from hizzle

 Remember when I used to work from home? So do I. Because I had a snowday recently and got to wear a rock tee. Without a blazer. Hmph. -C.

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Treat yoself.

 If you’ve had a few weeks anything like the few weeks I’ve had, you’re in the mood to spend some moolah. I’m here to help. Running Mar 3 until this Sunday the 8th!! Head over to my homegirl Shopbop and tell me what you get.   -C.

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Pee breaks.

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The devil and the company man.

  Do you listen to the WTF with Marc Maron podcast? No? It’s my happy place. Incidentally, do you know who Nick Tosches is? I didn’t either—until Wednesday morning when I was driving to work, convinced I wasn’t going to last another three days under the skull-crushing pressure I’ve put myself under as of late. […]

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Monday my way: cresting the weekend wave.

This is rather akin to documenting the trajectory of a really bad chin zit. Because I hate Sundays. I haven’t liked them since as long as I can remember. Melancholy, anti-climatic, full of dread. I had a family friend/professional counselor once suggest I create a Sunday night ritual to look forward to—something to reassign emotion […]

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Bits of January.

  A little bit of December, a little bit of January—my view on the world. Just little things that made me happy along the way—controlling the input and all. Cheers! -C. [Hanging with Eli while he gorged himself on grass, then threw it up inside on the staircase. Florida suits his sensibilities.]

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