Non-criminal creative abandonment: killing creativity, p. 3

[Free People Tattered Up shred slip + Madigan cardigan + Free People coin necklace.] I’m trying to decide why, at this point in my life, I’m so upset I haven’t ended ...

(Creative) origin of (boring) species: killing creativity, part 2.

[That slip again! I live in it. And sassy, out-of-character Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes. Stopping by to visit the Bo for post-work libations. Definitely not cocoon sweater weather here ...

The path of most resistance: killing creativity, part 1.

[Hard to see, but insanely good Free People eyelash lace slip in black + a fringed navy suede jacket from Anthro.] This is the first in a series I’ve written ...


Wodehouse on Wodehouse: You need some new catch phrases.

[Antique mother of pearl collar + Free People plaid sequin yoke button ...

Greetings from under a pile of paper + Vines you should watch.

[Current/Elliott Stiletto jeans + Sigerson Morrison booties + B-Low the Belt Bellbottom ...

The skin you’re in.

[Vintage INXS t-shirt + Level 99 jeans + Miu Miu heels + ...

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Sunday Spins: Gimme Shelter

There are precious few things as perfectly excellent as sitting in front of your record player and putting 100% of your focus into what’s playing, nothing else. From last Sunday; got a wild hair and ripped the Stones all day with the bass cranked up. Love the clear vinyl reissue; I have both new and […]

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Domaine Rolet · 2011 · Côtes du Jura Rouge · Les Grandvaux · Jura, France

From a geographical standpoint, the Jura is not all that complicated. Just four regional appellations comprise this north/south swath east of Burgundy: Arbois, Côtes du Jura, Château-Chalon, and L’Etoile. Straight forward enough, but that is about where the simplicity ends. The wines, on the other hand, can be confusing. All in one breath, they can be trendy and unknown, […]

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Sunday Spins: Last Tango in Paris

August 10: spinning Last Tango in Paris score. Because a bloated Marlon Brando is still Marlon Brando. Sort of. -C.

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Jérémie Huchet & Jérémie Mourat · 2004 · Muscadet Sevre et Maine · ‘Gorges’ · Loire Valley, France

This wine has been my imaginary summer jam. I picture rolling it out at just about every occasion, for no reason other than we should all be drinking more good, decade-old Muscadet. Unfortunately, at around 30 bucks, it’s a bit too pricey to pour with Vinho Verde-like irreverence. On the other hand, though, it’s a hand-crafted, 10-year-old […]

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On weeding and whiling away.

[Dolan Pieced Petal sweatshirt + Rag & Bone zipper cutoffs + Urban Outfitters hat + flutternyc cuff.] Adjusting remarkably well to having about 10% of the workload that I had this time last month. Sort of scary. In the absence of answering emails and never taking lunch breaks and stuff, I’ve transferred most of my […]

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Who relocated my Brillat-Savarin?

[Joie Katrine blouse + Dolce Vita shorts + Joie Dalton suede booties + Rag & Bone hat + Vanessa Mooney] If I had my druthers, every Sunday would be mild and sunny, and every Monday would be quiet and grey. I’m a sucker for serendipitous transitions, because they rarely happen. I’d like to dedicate a […]

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Anatomy of a panic attack.

  [Joie Violette blouse + my fat pants.] I like how in movies the whimpering, panicky old broad always gets slapped in the face. “Get a HOLD of yourself, you daft cow!” There’s a reason it’s become a cliche: because it works. If I’m not talking about paranoia related to procreation, I guess I’m talking about […]

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C + C on the road: Key West adventures.

Sometimes, you just need to forget about your bank balance and get away. Rob had a helluva year, so for his birthday this year I surprised him with a quick jaunt down to Key West. He didn’t know where we were going until we got to Charlotte airport and I walked him up to the […]

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Real, by design.

[Vanessa Mooney necklace + Rag & Bone floppy brim fedora + LNA shoulder cut-out tee, all via Shopbop + Isabel Marant shorts and old Sam Edelman Louie boots.] I read this article about good ole, wholesome Jane Aldridge in its entirety the other day—a bit of a throwback, but still incredibly fascinating—and have since run out […]

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Flailing in the green room.

[Which We Want origami dress, Need Supply + Rachel Pally shrug + Seychelles booties + Citrine by the Stones tassel necklace] If there’s one thing I envy about men, it’s the “man child” phenomenon that somehow makes not acting one’s age charming. More than charming, magnetic. Independence is mysterious, enviable, and immortal. And good looks […]

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My last name has 9 letters, and other things I never knew.

[Taking a writing & research break to step beyond the walls of the house for the first time in 3 days to walk to Lombardy Market for a Crispin in a can, which I drank on the way home. Shout-out to Wildfox for the sick t-shirt. The road is home.] Life, en iphone, for the […]

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Wodehouse on Wodehouse: Tough love.

[Hanging in the hammock between a Sunday shift at the retail job and hours of copywriting that needed to happen before Monday am. Don't let my gaze fool you. In: Silence + Noise knit sweater, again + Eloise scalloped shorts + Miu Miu platforms + Vanessa Mooney choker.] From The Inimitable Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse, […]

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