Two days by the bay.

[360 Sweater via] N.B. I’m maybe the last sucker with an iPhone 4, so this is going to be a bunch of shitty pictures. But whatever. I didn’t really ...

Cameron · 2011 · “Clos Electrique” · Pinot Noir · Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon

2011, in Oregon, was one of those years that was basically declared a disaster before fruit even started rolling in. Oh, but what a mistake it was if you were ...

Find the bathroom first.

[Da Nang silk camo pants + Rag & Bone leather shoulder blouse + antique squash blossom necklace + Vanessa Mooney cuff and ring.] My mom is a sneaky genius. With ...


Wodehouse on Wodehouse: You need some new catch phrases.

[Antique mother of pearl collar + Free People plaid sequin yoke button ...

Greetings from under a pile of paper + Vines you should watch.

[Current/Elliott Stiletto jeans + Sigerson Morrison booties + B-Low the Belt Bellbottom ...

The skin you’re in.

[Vintage INXS t-shirt + Level 99 jeans + Miu Miu heels + ...

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It’s Miller time!

[Lili's Closet tiered tulle chemise + an old Anthro sweater with gossamer awesomeness + Free People Antalya coin collar.] Buds. Not pals, buds on trees. And in the words of Carol Anne, “They’re heeeerrreeee!” I gotta say. Since this time last year, things have been sort of a professional whirlwind of magical proportions. It’s an […]

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Not careless, quick and unlucky.

[Da Nang silk pants + T by Alexander Wang LS pocket tee + Dannijo pendant.] For someone with a sometimes crippling proclivity toward perfectionism, I am a total mess. I didn’t really know to classify this anywhere other than in the “bad luck” category until I met Rob, who pointed out that when it comes […]

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François Carillon · 2011 · Bourgogne Blanc · Burgundy, France

This is good wine. This is a great value. Domaine François Carillon is a new endeavor with old roots, launched in 2010 with the split of Domaine Louis Carillon by his sons Jacques and François. Jacques continued the longstanding relationship with importer Neal Rosenthal, and François went with Danny Haas of Vineyard Brands. Or at least that’s the […]

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In limbo.

[Current/Elliott + Wildfox t-shirt + Made with Love bracelets, finally cut the old ones off after 5 years and slapped on a new set + Ugg boots + that belt again.] Drifting around somewhere between being a grown-up and a total dipshit, and somewhere between winter and spring. I have clear preferences in regards to […]

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I was just going to buy strawberries.

This is a first for me. A wall of Kermit Lynch wine at a grocery store. If I turned 180 degrees and took another picture, I think it would be of the Flip Flop wall of wine. For those of you who are not familiar with Kermit Lynch, he is a wine importer based in […]

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Oregon Harvest 2013: Photo Journal Part I

I finally unloaded a harvest’s worth of pictures from my phone this morning. It’s hard to imagine a better working adventure than harvest in Oregon, so here it is, round 1 of my favorite photos. [Paella dinner in the Dundee Hills with the Walnut City crew.] [A view from Belle Pente Winery at their estate […]

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Wodehouse on Wodehouse: Notes on better texting, p1.

[Wildfox 1974 sweatshirt + Current/Elliott jeans.] I’ll admit I suck at texting. I’ve had this discussion with someone before. In person, I’m actually kind of comfortable serving up blank stares during conversation, but with texts, I have a tone crisis. Others before me have agreed: best to pepper your msgs with smileys and exclamations. Nothing […]

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Wodehouse on Wodehouse: To each his own, beware the white mess jacket.

[Anthropologie Botanic blazer + trusted holey Alexander Wang t-shirt + B-Low The Belt Bellbottom Blues belt, completely obsessed + Report heels + Level 99 trousers.] Listen. I never intended this blog to include photos of myself. No, I’m being honest. It didn’t even occur to me to add actual photos at first—let alone photos of […]

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Heaven can wait.

Probably the single thing taking up the most space on my hard drive is photos of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson, back when they were together and playing out all my personal fantasies in real-time, in front of flash bulbs, where I could later cut them out of pages and hoard them in my journal. […]

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Play it for someone else.

[Free People tulle skirt + Sigerson Morrison booties + silk nightgown + Anthropologie fuzzy cardigan, sized up + layered Vanessa Mooney necklaces... Mooney on Mooney. I'll get over it someday.] Think hard on one of your favorite songs. The words, the melody, the familiarity of it. Then, send it to someone you care about—for a […]

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Happy Birthday, Chris Robinson.

Another year, another mess of incredible shows and awesome reviews. Wearing my widest elephant bell jeans and a shitload of beads in your honor. I’d send you a few vinyl records to add to your collection but I ain’t got yo addy, dude. HBD, dixie chicken. -C.

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Rob’s Harvest Journal: the 2013 Riesling pick.

Harvest 2013 is over and I’ve been back in Virginia for a few weeks transitioning back into the other side of the business. Only time will reveal how 2013 in the Willamette Valley is packaged and branded as a whole, but I can guarantee, for the people that were in the mix making it happen, […]

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