Wine Review: 2002 · Tyrus Evan · Walla Walla Syrah

I first learned about Tyrus Evan 3 years ago while dining at American Seasons on Nantucket. Owner/sommelier/all-round hip resident Nantucketer Orla Murphy-LaScola didn’t hesitate to recommend the Ken Wright offshoot label. It was a perfect bottle for a spectacular dinner crammed with foie gras 3 ways and bison filets.

It was also the first night of our first Nantucket getaway—the same night I decided I would go ring shopping when I made it back to the mainland. Little did I know we would be back there a year later to get married and a year after that to eat dinner in the same restaurant where it all started. Now, I pick my Tyrus bottles off of for a great price.

Pure blood Syrah. Fiery spice, the usual berry suspects (blackberry, raspberry and blueberry), and a hint of rubber (specifically tennis ball rubber), and some fennel. Dark, down to its obsidian core. With the exception of a faint, purple, fishing line-like rim, there is almost no color detectable without a good swirl.

Very constant, or stable, once exposed to air—remained cool and clean and did not get tired or syrupy. Copious black pepper and pebbles next to the still tart, juicy fruit. Tannins have held up nicely, still settling agreeable in the cheeks. There is no lack of life to go around despite the mouthful of sediment that remained undetected in the dark until the last sip. There is a decent chance that the wine will outlive its synthetic cork, which seems odd next to its awesomely hefty bottle with punt capable of housing your entire thumb.

Some very nice graphite and nutmeg flavors developed and heightened complexity and spicy, beef jerky-like flavors kept its mass in place.

Unless you aim to horde all the bottles and outbid me, a Cabernet Franc and second Syrah should be arriving in the next few weeks for me to review.



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2 Responses to “Wine Review: 2002 · Tyrus Evan · Walla Walla Syrah”

  1. Joober
    March 5, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    I am LOVING ya’lls blog so much. Finally a blog with good writing and good pictures/posts, but even more, the WRITING! Carey totally cracks me up, her writing is awesome and of course her sense of style rocks too, plus I have a long list of wines to try! I may turn into a wino after checking this everyday (assuming I’m not a wino already, shhh), but what can you expect with the great descriptions given on each bottle. I swear its 9am here and I’m already craving a glass, and this has been the case since I found the blog on Tuesday. At least I’m in good company right!?


    • corksandcaftans
      March 7, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

      Can I just tell you that this comment just made my 2010? This was so amazing—I read it the morning when I was pulling through from my stomach bug and it immediately put a spring in my (sort of dragging) step. So glad you are liking it, and getting unusual, untimely hankerings for wine—welcome to the club!

      Thank you again for the comment. So kind, and seriously—made me love doing this even more. Hope to see you around more often! :) – Carey

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