“We’re going streaking! Through the quad, and into the gymnasium!”

Bring your green hat!

[Jessica Simpson Dany platforms + Loeffler Randall silk high-waisted shorts + What Goes Around Comes Around t-shirt from The Red Wolf in Saratoga + Torn by Ronny Kobo fringed suede vest + J.Crew gold knit hat + a zillion rings.]

There are countless moments when I think to myself, “Man, I’m growing up,” or “Ok, this is something old people like,” but it’s been pretty rare when I’m forced to face my past at the same time as I’m looking at my future. Sort of a “You used to have that, remember?” and you can’t decide if it looks totally tiring or like tons of fun.

[YSL ring, Leviticus ring, F21 cuff, Gara Danielle cuff.]

We had our niece’s christening today at it was a beautiful ceremony. Afterwards, the group of us walked down toward the center of campus where the chapel was—stroller and 4 generations of family in tow—where Fun Day was going on, a sort of outdoor music festival/cookout/party.

You know when you see a few rogue ants on the ground, kind of maniacal in their movements, obviously separated from their pack—and the closer you get to the source, the more numerous the ants, the more frenzied, until you find an overturned ice cream cone covered in the little bastards.

It was like that on campus.

First, a girl in a tutu and lime green Wayfarers with blue painted handprints on her thighs. A few shirtless dudes. Someone in a t-shirt and a bikini bottom gyrating up a set of steps. A dude fondling a rainbow lei thoughtfully and a boy twirling by with “SEX” painted on his bare chest. Until you come into view and see there’s throngs of them, smoke rising from a grill, a Moon Bounce—kind of, sort of my idea of a really, really good time.

That train of thought to be continued in another post—and I promise you a photo of the dude in the lei.

These bleachers were a total throw-back, too. Again—funny to be standing on them, but in a totally different context. Like then meets now. Except I would have never been able to wear these shoes—we had a heel height limitation in our dress code. Hell—shoes this tall should be off limits universally.

Second favorite outfit I’ve ever worn, btw. These Loeffler Randall shorts were the most insanely smart buy I’ve ever made—except I bought them at the height of my “I should really start working out” phase, so they’ve lost that cute, bum-hugging, high-waisted appeal. Time to visit Vincenzo and his stanky pits for an alteration.

One last thing: someone else threw in their two cents at the end of that whole “We hate Rob and Carey” comment debacle, and it had me laughing the entire day yesterday. I have to share it here, because not only is it hilarious, it’s really true. Consider it closure—and I promise I won’t talk about that situation again. (FYI: Kim and Rob were two especially vitriolic commenters.)

“So, what do you haters blog about? I bet it’s totally ironic, poetic, and transcendent, but none of US would get it. Head on over to Kim & Rob’s blog – turtlefarts.wordpress.com. It’s about the social impact of captioned photos of llamas wearing socks. The internet is endless. Find something you LIKE looking at, instead of wasting time making fun of what you don’t.”

Amen. Hope you’re having a stellar weekend.


[The Morning Benders “Boarded Doors” – weird video, great song.]

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5 Responses to ““We’re going streaking! Through the quad, and into the gymnasium!””

  1. robin
    May 1, 2010 at 9:15 pm #

    Ha Ha Ha! That was great…the Best reply by far. Wish I would have thought of it. And you are right, it is the perfect closure.

    Great outfit BTW. Oh, and that workout thing must be working for you because look how teeny tiny your arms look! (I mean that in a good way.) I would kill for your arms and legs. That sounds pretty sick, doesn’t it? Ha Ha, I better quit now. :)

  2. May 2, 2010 at 1:17 am #

    In total agreement. Closure at it’s best. 😉

    I love that suede fringe vest!!! I’ve been salivating over suede/fringe for the last week!

    Adorable as always Carey. :)

  3. May 3, 2010 at 12:27 pm #

    Love the ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ Tee! I want to order one – can you tell me how it fits? Oh and I love your outfit :)!


    • corksandcaftans
      May 3, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

      Hi! It fits generously… I am a double D girl and I got a small. Hope that helps!

  4. May 16, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    mmm, those YSL rings haunt my dreams….and seriously, that’s it, i need those js platforms. you’ve convinced me. i’m loving this whole outfit btw. that hat is rad. xoxo, laura

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