Wine Review: 2008 · Otto’s Constant Dream · Pinot Noir · Marlborough, New Zealand

To start, I had as much fun on Otto’s website as I had drinking their Pinot Noir.

Well, not really. The wine was more fun, but their website was nearly as fun and surprisingly useful—especially to someone who has a limited attention span and shies away from the overly technical. I found their site very Bonny Doon-esque, just without the alien stuff and dizzying moving parts. Lots of flow charts, and flow charts make sense to me (example of sensical charting).

This article here is a must read for anybody who has had a dream. The gist from my perspective: determined industry outsiders (from Brooklyn) assault the millionaire’s hobby approach to career change/lifestyle change winemaking, look to New Zealand for grapes and expertise, produce a nuanced Pinot Noir, not a Syrah-Pinot Noir—amongst other varietals—for under $20, and do so without formal distribution channels. So, as a New York(state)er, I can proudly say we have something unique to our state beyond the obvious bedbugs—of which I live in fear of—and soul crushing taxes. New York, New Jersey and Colorado, I give you Otto’s Constant Dream.

Beautifully delicate, graceful and light, briny and what I consider under-sweet for a typical New Zealand Pinot. The typical NZ strength of fruit is trimmed, providing more room for subtle aromas of cured olives, mushrooms and flint.

Otto’s Pinot is as Oregonian in style as I’ve come across from New Zealand. There is no doubt that I would have swayed in that direction had I been tasting blind.

Red berries, plum, and herbs—easy mouthfeel. Syrah-style Pinot lovers may feel this wine is too light—I think it’s delish.

[For comparison’s sake, let’s put Otto up against Homer J.]

Saratogians will be pleased to know that Putnam Wine on Broadway carries OCD. The Riesling, which I have heard is delicious and can’t wait to try, is available for under $14. Max London’s, one of our favorite local restaurants, is also an OCD carrier.



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  1. September 13, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    Mmm, this wine sounds delicious and I love their website! I am going to look for this in my local wine shop soon! Do you have any favorite wine stores in New York City? Just curious!

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