Citrine by the Stones Balagan fringe and tassels.

Was emailing with the lovely Citrine by the Stones peeps the other day and they were kind enough to send along the line sheets for their current collections. I didn’t get too far beyond all the glorious fringe of the Balagan collection and had to share.

So much fringe I can’t handle it. Need it all.

Glorious earrings, made for simple long-sleeved column dresses:

Citrine by the Stones is all about sensual, goddess-like pieces. No wallflowers.

I’m convinced you don’t “wear” CBTS jewelry, you drape yourself in it.



ShopBop has a pretty solid CBTS selection right now; the Tassel Rosary Earrings take the cake for me.

Happy draping!


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  1. May 20, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    i like em but id have a hard time paying for anything i felt like i could go to a drapery store and put a hook on to make something similar myself

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