Wine Review: 2011 · Cameron · Cameroni Giovanni · Pinot Bianco · Willamette Valley, OR

The 2011 Oregon wines are trickling in. It’s been called the miracle vintage, which sounds romantic, but, having been there, it seemed more like the by the seat of your pants vintage, or the how can weather models be so wrong vintage. Grapes desperately trying to ripen were saved (for the most part) by a grace period of 2 sunny weeks in the beginning of October—may have just made all the difference. Low alcohol, good acidity, and great flavor development may be the hat-trick for all the great wines that will no doubt emerge from an epically difficult growing season.

“This is our first release of a white wine from the 2011 vintage and it accurately portrays what this vintage will be all about. With racy acidity, high tone citrus notes especially lime peel, nice weight and very moderate alcohol (12.0%), the 2011 Giovanni is stunning for a wine at this price point. Give me oysters, give me Dungeness Crab, even give me a pork cutlet and this wine will sing.” -Cameron Winery

This straight-forward, affordable blend of Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc is a great addition to one of the strongest Pinot Noir/Chardonnay portfolios in Oregon. Cameroni Giovanni still prickles in the mouth with an intense acidity, giving way to a rich, full finish of citrus and melon. I don’t know how it was aged, I imagine all stainless steel because there isn’t a hint of oak, but a smooth fleshiness grows on the lengthy palate. A ridiculous deal, $14-$18 depending on where you live.

Ask for it; it’s worth seeking out.


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