Chris Robinson, my style icon.

As if you already didn’t know there was something sort of wrong with me, my style icon is, in fact, most definitely a dude.

Aside from Karen from Californication [that post, incidentally, gets more hits than any other post on C+C, and her character is pretty much a female version of Chris, what with the scrappy limbs, flappy t-shirts and bell bottom jeans], if I had to pick one way to dress the rest of my life, it’d be like Chris Robinson. Top to bottom, from 31-71. Beardless, of course.

I mean, how could I not want to emulate this cat. Let us gaze upon him in his most recent incarnations, then I’ve put together a little shopping guide for some of my top, ‘I’m a smelly rock and roller’ items to complete the look. [Plus some sick antique rugs. Because if Chris isn’t wearing shoes, he’s hopping around barefoot on some rad area rugs onstage.]

The man is divine. [ Read more CR-related posts from the archives.]

Perhaps I should have said “rock and stroller”… hmph.

Anyway, I still want to raid his closet:

Chris on style in the music scene of the 90s, where Guns n’ Roses still reigned high [from this epic video]:

We immediately felt that we wanted to look like something else. For us, at that time, you know, 1972 Rolling Stones represented everything to us: the sound, the drugs, the look, the glamourous dirt bag-iness of it. Keith, really, more than anything else. That was super romanticized in our mind.

On getting completely outfitted at Kensington Market in London:

Our pockets full of pounds, we all went to Kensington Market—a place that doesn’t exist anymore—and in 1990, it was still kind of close to the Kensington Market where Jimi Hendrix used to go and buy his outfits and stuff. There were the punk stalls, and the New Model Army stuff… It was this cavernous building, and they would have all sort of weird people making clothes out of Indian fabrics and stuff. We were pretty decked out by the time we left… that became a big part of what the band represented in the early 90s: unashamedly rock and roll.

A few things kicking around on my shopping list, plus a few recent purchases (the hat, the necklace, which are both epic).

[Jeffrey Campbell Sharon Ankle boot, $258, Free People printed ankle skinny, $78, Sisters of the Black Moon Blade of Asclepius t-shirt, $32, Free People self portrait velvet flare, $128, Saturated floppy hat, Genie by Eugenia Kim, $78, Vintage Moroccan & Hamadan rugs, $1,259 & $1,599, One Kings Lane, Vanessa Mooney The Labyrinth brass bangle, $120 and Cleodora long necklace, $195, Anthro sweater back army jacket, $178. ]

[Ray Ban mirrored aviators, Vanessa Mooney Genevieve statement necklace, $220 & Fight the power studded bangle, $145, Vintage Oushak & Khotan rugs, $1,199 & $2,999, One Kings Lane, Acquaverde high waisted bells, $208, Minnetonka kilties, $40, T by Alexander Wang classic pocket tee, $80, Steppenwolf Live vinyl, some Sapphire for the plane ride.]


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One Response to “Chris Robinson, my style icon.”

  1. October 5, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    I just love this. All of it. Have you also seen the Maison Scotch military jacket with knit sleeves embroidered w/Navajo? Prepare to pass out and bonk your noggin.

    ps–what do you think of the sharon ankle boit in the lighter color? I’m so tempted (yet so broke).

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