Oregon homecoming.

After letting my phone spend a day on a shelf at Lowe’s [right where I left it, safely tucked away, ringing w/ incessant calls from Carey], with all my pictures of harvest 2012 still not downloaded, I realized how many great things I still had to share. It wasn’t until I really started reflecting on round-2 of the experience that I saw how lucky I was to be in Oregon for the vintages that I was.

The whole vibe this harvest was different. I actually understood what I was doing this year, and instead of just treading water and trying not to make a mistake, I got to spend a lot more time absorbing every detail. I got to ask ‘why’ instead of asking ‘how’ and gain insight into the reasoning behind every move. The only regret I have is not taking up Michael’s offer to get me proficient on a fork lift. I kept telling myself, “There are too many things to break.”

[Left: In my uniform…nothing makes me happier. Right top: Dolcetto pump-over. Right bottom: A cluster of Dolcetto the day it arrived at the winery. On average these clusters are 3 times the size of Pinot Noir clusters.]

[The 2011 WCW Willamette Valley Pinot Noir was bottled in the days leading up to my arrival. There was nothing better than returning home and sharing it with Carey for the first time.]

[Pairs nicely with Humble Pie playing on a portable record player!]


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