The 12 days of Chris-mas: Day 2.

[Daughters of the Liberation army jacket + vintage pins + Vanessa Mooney pendant + Deena & Ozzy hat + Title Unknown dashiki t + some bellbottom cords don’t remembah.]

On the second day of Chris-mas, I waxed poetic about the South and channeled Lieutenant Dan, because that’s rock and roll—the intersection of grit and glory, baby. [I made that up.]

Chris Robinson on the Artists’s Den. Post here. Watch it if you haven’t already.

Note groovy turquoise pendant. Babe status.

BUT, FRIENDS: Where can I get a groovy patch? I needs me a patch.

That old pin says “Keep on Roastin’,” FYI.

You’ll recall I once threatened to snip a lock of CR’s mane and keep it in a pouch around my neck. I’m thinking this little Vanessa Mooney number would be ideal for a tear or two:

Oh, yeah. This feels so right.

Special surprise tomorrow. Hint: it hisses.


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