The 12 Days of Chris-mas: Days 4 & 5.

[Day 4 in a sell-out tie dye shirt I didn’t steal from an old boyfriend, but in fact bought from Urban Outfitters. This cannot be helped; Daydreamer LA’s stuff is so so soft.]

A two-fer!

Nothing much to see here, just some loose recreations—on a lighter note, if you will.

Speaking of notes, check out this interview with Chris from Hittin’ the Note from a few years back. I dug this article; it was a lot to get through, but made me want to be courageous in ways I’d become too jaded to think were worthy of my time and energy.

Singers of songs are singing the same songs – they are all about the same emotions and experiences that we all have. To me, that is a time machine. It’s a line straight to where we’re going to be a million years from now, and a line straight to where we were a million years ago. When you open your mouth to sing, and when you make music, you’re part of that continuum. – Chris Robinson

I mean.


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One Response to “The 12 Days of Chris-mas: Days 4 & 5.”

  1. Amber 26 sequins
    December 30, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    that last shot is my fave- gorgeous! skimmed the article.. it’s pretty cool he never sold his music to the man- hope that’s still true today

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