I was just going to buy strawberries.


This is a first for me. A wall of Kermit Lynch wine at a grocery store.

If I turned 180 degrees and took another picture, I think it would be of the Flip Flop wall of wine. For those of you who are not familiar with Kermit Lynch, he is a wine importer based in Berkeley, CA, author of perhaps the most inspiring book to capture the minds of every adventurous (no pun intended) young soul to enter the wine biz, and one of the few standard-bearers for classic, naturally produced wines.

As a wine buyer for a small independent, this is just sad. I certainly know how tough this business is, as well as this particular market, but when you work hard for a portfolio, touting it as the antithesis of this, it just makes you shake your head.

Maybe I’m just slow to the new way of things. On the bright side, there are nice little information placards for those shoppers new to Kermit, which makes the human-less sales angle a bit warmer. In the spirit of things, I have compiled a new-age shopping list that you are more than welcome to use:

  • totino’s pizza rolls
  • ore ida tater tots
  • clos la coutale cahors
  • cotton balls
  • crystal pepsi (wishful thinking)
  • kuentz-bas alsace blanc
  • steak-umms

Cheers I guess,



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One Response to “I was just going to buy strawberries.”

  1. March 28, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

    If this was Roberts Market in Woodside CA, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. You should see their Rosenthal selections!! There are grocery stores and there are grocery stores….

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