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Bespoke loss.

Sometimes, things kick the bucket. We lose jobs. Friends. Lovers. Arguments. Our figures. The ability to turn heads on the street any longer. Confidence. Money. Plants. While there may not be much choice in this matter, I have landed on one. Because as I was taking inventory of all my loss recently, I sat across […]

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Washed out.

   Over Thanksgiving, Florida did her best, brisk November impersonation. Winter light is such a dead giveaway. We walked on the beach one day and the tide was so high we skirted the ledge of the dunes, like carving bites out of spongey cake with our feet. The entire shoreline was littered with reeds, and the […]

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Brush with destiny.

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to getting rid of all my possessions, ditching the brick and mortar, and hitting the road in a trailer to see the country, pulling over to work between legs of driving. There’ve been so many “doors closing and windows opening” discussions happening in my head—mostly while I’m trying […]

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Shopbop Sale

The reason I didn’t shop in NYC.

Pretty amazing I was able to trot by Rag & Bone multiple times while up in the city last week, while refraining from making any purchases. How, you ask? Because THIS: Shopbop sale, yo! Code GOBIG15, which is great because it reminds me of my fat boyfriend with the mantra “Go big or go home,” used on […]

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The funny thing about loss.

My back yard has a massive fig tree. It dominates the entire space, but it makes it, too. It’s shady and cool in the summer, private and quiet. The day the realtor walked us through, he said with authority that it’d have to be cut back. Defensively, I disagreed. It kept the back of the […]

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Filling up my dance card.

I got a new mirror, and it’s full-length, so I’ve embarked on a really retro-feeling mirror photo spree as if I didn’t know there was already an entire hashtag dedicated to this sort of behavior. I mean, wtf not? Being your own photographer requires a little bit of a regression. Is it deplorable? Maybe. Do I […]

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Carey Wodehouse BLVD Richmond Magazine

Imitation is the highest form of flattery: Peep my Richmond Mag feature + shop the Shopbop Sale!

So, my peeps at Shopbop are having another big sale—it’s on now, and runs until Thursday night, so give your fall threads a little love and pick up some goods. [Offer ends October 15, 2015, at 11:59pm PT.] Click over via my happy little widget up there if you love me. Offer cannot be applied to gift certificates or […]

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Jet settin’: 2 days in Austin, TX.

[Rails LA Carter star print denim shirt + LNA deep V tee + Rag & Bone Newbury booties,  black denim shorts, & hat + Orvis Battenkill suitcase FTW!] Sometimes, you need to get the hell out of town—on the double.  (more…)

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Toed up.

Once I overheard someone say they “was toed up” (or, “toe up,” your preference) and I always thought that was a pretty excellent way to say “trashed.” A poor pronunciation for “torn up,” it could be used for numerous fun things, like bikes with bent front wheels, people who poop themselves in 7-11s, and t-shirts. But it […]

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Movie Club Richmond at Yesterday's Heroes

I love where I live.

Sidebar: Right when I sealed the deal to work from home full-time again, I went a little bonkers shopping for new threads for home office life. I stocked up on sheer, floaty maxi dresses and deleted all the pencil skirts and silky trousers I’d added to my wish lists in recent months. I love this dress; […]

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King of Pop Richmond VA

In and around Scott’s Addition.

[Meow!]   Just a perfect little not-hateful Sunday with Rob, riding our bikes around before a storm broke, stoppin for popsicles at King of Pops, and generally sayin’ “whattup” to this incredible city we live in. [Deets for the cheap seats: Free People Arosa dress + Sigerson Morrison April sandals, again + Rag & Bone […]

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Rag and Bone Shaw mules shopbop

Tune in, Tokyo.

On the corner of Monument and Lombardy, right in front of the roundabout under the J.E.B. Stuart monument, there’s a fancy building with a doorman. And from his vantage point, he waves at each and every commuter advancing through the intersection with a big smile. Everyone gets a wave. This is the first stop. The Bluetooth […]

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