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A weekend in the life, in reverse.

You know your stress level is maxing out when the lady at the nail salon clicks her tongue at the sight of your cuticles. Mine were chewed to bloody bits, ragged, red and swollen. Even typing hurt my digits. Biting away at them, however, was the only way I could stay in front of the […]

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Variations on a theme.

Some scenes from last week. And a little to say. We still have little to show aside from bathroom renovation progress—I mean, I got this mirror awhile back and we haven’t even hung it yet, so—but I figured I’d pop by anyway and tilt the scales a little. But not about anything I want to […]

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West Avenue Garden Tour

The little garden that could.

[Celebrating the first day in a month not spent with dirt caked under my fingernails with Raventos i Blanc pink cava.] Now that you know I’ve been bananas busy like my backside’s on fire—so busy—I thought it’d be a good time to put a few more dirty socks on that pile and tell you about two […]

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Pee breaks.

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Monday my way: cresting the weekend wave.

This is rather akin to documenting the trajectory of a really bad chin zit. Because I hate Sundays. I haven’t liked them since as long as I can remember. Melancholy, anti-climatic, full of dread. I had a family friend/professional counselor once suggest I create a Sunday night ritual to look forward to—something to reassign emotion […]

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Cat hood.

New Year’s Day. Was walking around the ‘hood and as we are known to do when the weather permits, and came across ole Max, who had been off my radar for the last 6 or so months. I was a little worried, but as you can see, the bro is still kickin’—and mrowin’. If you […]

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Bits of January.

  A little bit of December, a little bit of January—my view on the world. Just little things that made me happy along the way—controlling the input and all. Cheers! -C. [Hanging with Eli while he gorged himself on grass, then threw it up inside on the staircase. Florida suits his sensibilities.] (more…)

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Marquesa Hotel pool

C + C on the road: Key West adventures.

Sometimes, you just need to forget about your bank balance and get away. Rob had a helluva year, so for his birthday this year I surprised him with a quick jaunt down to Key West. He didn’t know where we were going until we got to Charlotte airport and I walked him up to the […]

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Heaven can wait.

Probably the single thing taking up the most space on my hard drive is photos of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson, back when they were together and playing out all my personal fantasies in real-time, in front of flash bulbs, where I could later cut them out of pages and hoard them in my journal. […]

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The Brooklyn Bridge

An open apology to Michael Shannon.

I can’t seem to let this one slide. So I’m gonna get it off my chest. The morning after an exceptional wedding in Brooklyn, Rob had flown early back to Oregon and I packed up the hotel room, fuzzily pounded a mimosa, threw on my backpack, then set out to walk the Brooklyn Bridge by […]

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Another Oregon wine harvest comes to a close.

We’ve got lots to catch you up on. It was an amazing, challenging harvest out in Oregon this year; Rob has lots of stories and amazing photos to share when he gets back. [I will crack the whip on this, don’t worry.] I have to say, as much as I missed him and want him […]

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2 Days.

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