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Saint Laurent runway Ready to Wear Spring 2013

A restless spirit on an endless flight.

I’m in one of those frenzies where I get so overcome by a photo (or, in this case, eleventy-seven-hundred photos) that I want to throw away everything I own that doesn’t feel like some iteration of the look. I’m rarely interested in couture or runway anymore, but this is pretty much everything—minus a pair of […]

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chris robinson bohemian relaxed style board

Chris Robinson, my style icon.

As if you already didn’t know there was something sort of wrong with me, my style icon is, in fact, most definitely a dude. Aside from Karen from Californication [that post, incidentally, gets more hits than any other post on C+C, and her character is pretty much a female version of Chris, what with the scrappy […]

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Luv AJ ankle cuff

Don’t think twice, it’s all right.

[Staring at Stars fringed tank + jacket, Free People shorts + Luv AJ sheet metal cuff/anklet + Shaashi necklace + vintage turquoise.] The brilliant David Gahan of Depeche Mode once said: “I still hold on to the idea that a record can really change the way I feel.” If that’s true—and I believe it is—I probably […]

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Millhouse finds a hippie skeleton

“Millhouse found a hippie skeleton.”

“… and he’s freaking out.” And I immediately made a mental note at how well-accessorized it’s boho bony appendages were. Look at those turquoise accents on the beaded cuff! Index finger bauble! Damned fantastic. I hope the torso was wearing a squash blossom necklace. -Carey [Screengrab from “The Scorpion’s Tale” courtesy me, Fox, and Hulu.com]

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Dannijo Zula trade beads

Dannijo Mahlia messenger bags.

This is exactly what I’m talking about: [Dannijo Mahlia messenger bags, handmade in Morocco, $370.] I’ve been on a perpetual hunt for an ethnic carpet bag ever since the Gucci Hysteria collection put out those tapestry bags I want to rub all over my person. Can’t be too Southwesterny, and can’t be too beat—just somewhere […]

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Kors suede fringed boots

Flannel shirts, Speak n’ Spells.

[Fortunate Sun t-shirt from Red Wolf of Saratoga Springs + Kors boots + Seven jeans I cut off + AF shirt, cologne stank included.] Sat out in the sunshine on a perfect 72-degree day. Had a couple of beers on Broadway, met up with Radigan, moved on to Cantina for more beers, and one explosive […]

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Free People fall dresses

Free People Fall 2010.

I mean, how could I not: [Almost Famous fur jacket, $248.] But this entire season has taken the FP brand to a new level, and not just because of a higher price point and increased visibility in higher end boutiques. I’m finding it’s all stuff I want to stock up on for Fall and Winter—in […]

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Tigerlily caftan tie dyed

Why you should get a caftan. Now.

At least, a mini one. I got this Tigerlily mini caftan from ShopBop for a trip to the islands in December. Seen here, you’d think it was the most lovely, luxurious beach cover-up there was. I challenge you to think beyond. This was inspired by a comment I got from my beloved Carrie, who said, re: […]

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Second Skin style boots

Reasons why I think Second Skin Style is the perfect fashion blog.

I had the immense (and fleeting) pleasure of meeting Christina at the Chictopia conference in February. I got to give her a real big hug (since I’d known from afar that she was quite possibly the coolest person I had never met) and then sadly, given the chaos of the event and Rob’s and my […]

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shopbop bohemian going west

Oh, hell yes, ShopBop.

Shamelessly appealing to my wants and needs: It’s hot and dusty, and now I want to hit the dusty. I’ve been drooling over that horseshoe print shirt from Elizabeth and James for weeks, but… probably never going to happen. Rob’s got me on a new budget, did I mention that? Actually, I volunteered, after purging […]

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Ralph Lauren Fall 2010 evening

Ralph Lauren Fall 2010 RTW.

How I’m dressing this fall, head to toe: Ralph Lauren’s “bohemian gypsy” looks from the Fall 2010 show knocked my proverbial beanie off. Turtlenecks under long dresses? (See: Vena Cava.) Genius. It’s like Candice Bergen-cum-Stevie Nicks, who coincidentally was the soundtrack to this show. [All images courtesy style.com] (more…)

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hey bring your green hat

“We’re going streaking! Through the quad, and into the gymnasium!”

Bring your green hat! [Jessica Simpson Dany platforms + Loeffler Randall silk high-waisted shorts + What Goes Around Comes Around t-shirt from The Red Wolf in Saratoga + Torn by Ronny Kobo fringed suede vest + J.Crew gold knit hat + a zillion rings.] There are countless moments when I think to myself, “Man, I’m […]

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