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Free People caftan

What’s in a name + a quick ode.

I revealed on the C+C Facebook recently that I kind of hate the living s*$t out of this blog’s name. Ha! Sorry, man. But it could not be further from my style. Not the caftan part, just the whole thing: the kind of lame-duck humor to it, the too-easy pairing, the alliteration… the family-friendly obviousness […]

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Theodora Callum native american caftan

The 8th Day of Chris-mas.

[Theodora & Callum caftan via Shopbop + Sam Edelman fringed boots + antique Moroccan pendant via Free People.] A bit of a stretch here, but that’s why I dig a good homage. I’ve been saving this pic of His Chrisness because I love this (probably fragrant) jacket and want to rip it from his scrappy […]

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Taj Mahal box

So many nighties, so little time. [+ photo recap.]

I have this little quote snipped from a magazine that I’ve hung onto for years. It’s good advice, and advice I wish I’d inherently understood from ages 15-30. Quick retrospective: Ages 1-7: sport clothes for life that involves crotches full of sand, full days on flats boat baiting shrimps with hooks through their eyeballs in […]

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I can tell by the way you dress.

[Quite possibly admiring my own reflection mid-photo in a Mara Hoffman caftan + Sam Edelman booties.] While today might arguably have been my last actual summer day (looming job obligations, 73 degrees, sun, and a bathing suit top), the actual end of summer was a couple of weeks ago. So says the calendar. And I […]

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Navajo Drape Cardi

Navajo caftan jacket.

[Navajo drape cardigan, Nasty Gal, $88.] Fall, fall, fall. This is coming with me to the sort of dingy outside porch of Buddy’s for draft beers in September—with moccasins, black leather panel leggings, and a t-shirt. Yup. Then I’ll comb its hair and brush its little plastic baby teeth, and hold it while I fall […]

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Rachel Pally Gwyneth caftan shopbop

Rachel Pally Gwyneth caftan.

[Rachel Pally Gwyneth caftan dress @Shopbop, $238.] Gorgeous. Finally she got away from the bag-o’-fabric treatment: exposed shoulders, plunging neckline and sculptured sleeves. Throw this on with a squash blossom necklace and some fringed boots and you’re gold. If you’re me, I mean. -Carey

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Take your brain; it's time to go.

Take your brain; it’s time to go.

[My new favorite trend: neon and neutral. H&M caftan + Kors fringed boots + Free People bag + Banana Jacket + ShopBop hat + Made with Love crochet necklaces.] I’m a lot of things, but an early adopter is not one of them. This goes for most things: technology, juice cleanses, movies under 4 years […]

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Anthropologie caftan

Anthropologie caftans.

A zillion fantastical caftans on the loose at Anthropologie. Epic.  (more…)

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Shopbop Vix Swimwear

Vix caftans + Shopbop $100 giveaway!

…and you’re going to really want that hundie when you look at some of these fanny-skimming caftans from Shopbop. [Vix Swimwear Toulouse caftan, $143 + Vix Swimwear Pisa Dakar caftan, $143 + Vix Swimwear Ikat Vintage caftan cover-up, $242.] It’s still frigid up in good old VT; bathroom heaters are in full effect and pastiness […]

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InStyle Calypso Target collaboration

Calypso + Target collaboration!

Oh my stars. Thanks to Nellie for giving me the scoop on this. Caftans are about to drop en masse in a Target near you. via InStyle.com: If the Target designer collaborations leave you reeling, than we’ve got good news! Calypso St. Barth is confirmed to create a limited-edition collection of fashion and home items for Target, set […]

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shopsribali caftans

Shopsribali caftans.

I was swooning for days over the caftans at Shopsribali after getting an email from them tempting me to take a peek. Yes, please. [Here are a few of the Camilla caftans, ranging from $406 – $459, not soldiers in the Polynesian production of the Nutcracker Ballet.] (more…)

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Nina Donis.

Saw this photo on all the pretty birds. I’m in love with the Nina Donis dress she’s wearing, and her for being brave enough to do so. When I’m an old lady, you’d better believe I’ll be living in things like this. Check out the whole FW 2010 show. The dress that comes out after […]

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