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high five cat

Wodehouse on Wodehouse: Notes on better texting, p1.

[Wildfox 1974 sweatshirt + Current/Elliott jeans.] I’ll admit I suck at texting. I’ve had this discussion with someone before. In person, I’m actually kind of comfortable serving up blank stares during conversation, but with texts, I have a tone crisis. Others before me have agreed: best to pepper your msgs with smileys and exclamations. Nothing […]

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Thinking outside the box.

[Brunch gear today: Eloise silk bathrobe, worn as jacket + ShopBop Bop basics dress + antique squash blossom necklace & cuff + Jeffrey Campbell booties + House of Harlow antler ring.] (more…)

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Old Dominion cat.

In the midst of unpacking what felt like hundreds of boxes, navigating quirky Fan apartment electrical outlets, rolling out rugs and hanging pictures, I’ve managed to snap a few great shots of General Ellwood Burden in (and en route to) his new digs. He’s come quite a ways from his humble beginnings in Schenectady–returning to […]

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Eli on Pendleton blanket

Eli: secretary and percussionist.

[iPhone photo of Eli, administrative assistant, cleaner of tuna can lunches, and eater of bugs.] I won’t beat around the bush: working from home is AWESOME. Especially now that it’s not 2 degrees. I sit in the sun, no distractions, work away, and take song requests from the woodchuck. Today he was on a Walkmen […]

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The last sweater of the season.

  [Burberry Prorsum sweater + True Religion shorts + Sam Edelman booties via ShopBop + La Dama hand chain + Citrine by the Stones rain earrings.] I was waiting for Rob to put the sizzle to some burgers when I got a little chill on the deck. I stalled to watch Eli eat his 6th […]

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sowing the seeds of catnip

Sowing the seeds of love.

  I’ve been toting around these catnip and lavender seeds I bought almost a year ago at Lowe’s. I was waiting on Rob to locate some tool, wandering around the aisles in sunglasses and stiletto heels, and found purpose in the spinning racks of seeds. Not that I’ve ever planted anything before. Nepeta cataria seemed […]

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dish with pea

The prince and the pea.

If you had any doubt in your mind cats were pure carnivores… here’s Eli’s bowl, featuring a lone, uneaten pea, formerly part of a stew of ground rabbit: I approached Eli, post meal, while he sat bathing himself. I studied the sad little veg, before giving Eli the most disapproving eyes I could muster. Then, […]

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Eli's sexy spin dance

The Joy of Packing.

[Everybody’s gotta get theirs… I think?] This feels sort of wrong. But I’m sitting here trying to pack for our trip and every time I go to throw something on the pile, there’s Eli—going to town on an Alexander Wang t-shirt. I should have been suspicious of the periodic whisker brush on my elbow as […]

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Eli couch scratch

Banjo strings.

Someone likes to have his picture taken… I guarantee you will not find something so soft and so sharp at the same time. There is nothing like a good hand nip or leg swipe from under the bed in the middle of the night for no apparent reason to make you appreciate those softer moments. […]

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Rob Burden guitar

Gary Allan: No Regrets.

Barrel* and I were sitting at the bench finishing an omelette with our laptops open, per usual, TV muted. I’d pulled up YouTube, curious to see if I could find a certain Gary Allan song off his new album I wasn’t aware he’d been playing live. When I found it, I hit ‘play’ and we […]

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Rob and Eli taking notes

Reunited, and it feels so good.

I’ve only been gone since Monday. Makes sense that E would rather I didn’t take notes about wine, but about things higher on the proverbial Totem pole. I said, LOOK AT MY WHISKERS. Quick trip to NYC for the weekend then we’re back to scheduled programming. -Robby

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Eli in the slatted sunlight

Afternoon nap.

I’ve had a cold all week. This directly translates to increased sleep, in regards to both frequency and duration. No one does sleep better than I do. [Even though Rob said recently, “Despite your proclivity toward sleep, deep down you are a mover and a shaker.”] Best afternoon nap ever occurred yesterday after work—with the […]

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