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Brush with destiny.

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to getting rid of all my possessions, ditching the brick and mortar, and hitting the road in a trailer to see the country, pulling over to work between legs of driving. There’ve been so many “doors closing and windows opening” discussions happening in my head—mostly while I’m trying […]

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Shopbop Sale

The reason I didn’t shop in NYC.

Pretty amazing I was able to trot by Rag & Bone multiple times while up in the city last week, while refraining from making any purchases. How, you ask? Because THIS: Shopbop sale, yo! Code GOBIG15, which is great because it reminds me of my fat boyfriend with the mantra “Go big or go home,” used on […]

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A weekend in the life, in reverse.

You know your stress level is maxing out when the lady at the nail salon clicks her tongue at the sight of your cuticles. Mine were chewed to bloody bits, ragged, red and swollen. Even typing hurt my digits. Biting away at them, however, was the only way I could stay in front of the […]

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Movie Club Richmond at Yesterday's Heroes

I love where I live.

Sidebar: Right when I sealed the deal to work from home full-time again, I went a little bonkers shopping for new threads for home office life. I stocked up on sheer, floaty maxi dresses and deleted all the pencil skirts and silky trousers I’d added to my wish lists in recent months. I love this dress; […]

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King of Pop Richmond VA

In and around Scott’s Addition.

[Meow!]   Just a perfect little not-hateful Sunday with Rob, riding our bikes around before a storm broke, stoppin for popsicles at King of Pops, and generally sayin’ “whattup” to this incredible city we live in. [Deets for the cheap seats: Free People Arosa dress + Sigerson Morrison April sandals, again + Rag & Bone […]

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Free People caftan

What’s in a name + a quick ode.

I revealed on the C+C Facebook recently that I kind of hate the living s*$t out of this blog’s name. Ha! Sorry, man. But it could not be further from my style. Not the caftan part, just the whole thing: the kind of lame-duck humor to it, the too-easy pairing, the alliteration… the family-friendly obviousness […]

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free people tattered slip

Life en iPhone: August, 2014.

[Summer staples: black manicures + Need/Supply finger cuffs + Dolce Vita shorts + Rag & Bone hat + Joie booties + Isabel Marant things far, far out of my budget.] Neither out of a sense of being overcome by one’s good looks nor habit (vanity maybe, though), I went the way of Cher Horowitz and […]

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tie dyed shams anthro

Non-criminal creative abandonment: killing creativity, p. 3

[Free People Tattered Up shred slip + Madigan cardigan + Free People coin necklace.] I’m trying to decide why, at this point in my life, I’m so upset I haven’t ended up doing something more creative. The only thing I can reason, outside of general regret, is that something inside me needs to get out. You […]

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cat tray

(Creative) origin of (boring) species: killing creativity, part 2.

[That slip again! I live in it. And sassy, out-of-character Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes. Stopping by to visit the Bo for post-work libations. Definitely not cocoon sweater weather here in RVA, but that’s what air conditioning bills are for.] Remember No-Face? In an inspiring animé film about a brave little girl defying the odds […]

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Free People eyelash lace slip

The path of most resistance: killing creativity, part 1.

[Hard to see, but insanely good Free People eyelash lace slip in black + a fringed navy suede jacket from Anthro.] This is the first in a series I’ve written on the subject of creativity, broken up somewhat chronologically. Bear with me, and please share your thoughts, as it could help shape the direction of […]

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Poipu cliffs

Dashiki will see you now.

  After alienating half the breathing population last week, I thought I’d scale things back with a little post. About a shirt. I pitched my old legit stained dashiki (because I am not legit enough for pit rings that are not my own) and traded it in for this little number from Free People. It’s […]

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Wodehouse on Wodehouse: You need some new catch phrases.

[Antique mother of pearl collar + Free People plaid sequin yoke button down + Current/Elliott stiletto jeans in leopard + some shit kickers.] “There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature.” -P.G. Wodehouse You guys I think it’s time we talk about P.G. Wodehouse. Brilliant English comedic author, […]

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