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Nantucket weddings.

Rob and I are daily forging shared memories that will come to be immediate associations when triggered by something—a wine, a dish, a song, a favorite sweater. Being two separate people until 2008, however, things as broad as seasons would obviously bring quite different associations—him being from the Northeast and me from Florida. Not Fall, […]

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Happy Birthday, Roberto.

[Photo courtesy Zofia Photography.] Happy Birthday, Bobo. Carey loves. -C p.s. I would post pictures of the incredible breakfast-in-bed I made Rob this morning, but later realized a. his hair was a little wonky, b. the waffles were just Eggos, thus making me look like a total amateur, and c. the mug had something controversial […]

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Cep Pinot Noir

Holy moly, holy cow—holy buffalo! {updated}

Fabulous dinner at American Seasons updated from late October Nantucket trip: Just finished dinner at our most cherished restaurant of Nantucket, American Seasons. (more…)

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Isabel Marant


[Cruising Centre Street on Nantucket.] [J.Crew lame coat + Kors fringed boots + Bop Basics cashmere sweater + Gara Danielle hoops.] Just an evening stroll down Centre Street. No big deal, just some window shopping, cool buildings, historic cobblestone streets, and those Isabel Marant boots… no big deal. Wait, what!? [That’s right, I saw them. In […]

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Happy 1-year anniversary to us!

Today, one year ago, we got married on Nantucket on a brilliant sunny Sunday. My face still hurts from smiling. [To see a lovely photo blog from our day, go to Zofia, the most amazing photographer’s own blog and peep this post. And for an indulgent look at my bridal photos, go here.] [Brant Point […]

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Nantucket coastline


On the ferry sitting in the warmest sunshine you can imagine for October; the same sun we haven’t seen since we got here. Thanks, sun. Rob packed everything up last night so my layering options are a little limited. As for his pack job—it took me a good 10 minutes to notice that he’d purposely […]

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dead mouse

Good cat/bad cat: ACK edition.

Look at this angelic ginger cat getting a little love. He was so gentle; so kind… But wait. That looks like a battle scar. Ginger cat, what are you hiding? WHOA, wait, what is this?! His affectionate diversionary tactics seem to have been a way to distract us from something hidden under a nearby shrub: […]

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Nantucket storm

ACK at this very moment.

…is loud (really loud), windy, black as the inside of your old summer camp trunk, wet, cold, and did I mention loud? I just shuddered after one huge clap of thunder like I haven’t heard since the night before our wedding, one year ago here, when all the panes of glass rattled in the windows […]

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Nantucket evening

Team Veranda!

$100 cash, a bright red umbrella, and one of the best meals we’ve ever had on the island. Blustery weather that makes the gigantic trees filling the skyline sound like a solo percussion section. People you meet for the first time and warm your heart to the point that you don’t want your wine to run […]

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Heitz Cellars Murray's Nantucket

Scenes from a Nantucket wine store

After a beer with our favorite Nantucket photographer, I pulled Carey through the doors of Murray’s Liquor Store. There seem to be a lot of wealthy people on this island, so the wine stores tend to be pretty good—even if I can’t buy much, it’s still fun to browse through the great California Cabernets zip-tied […]

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Rob Centre Street Bistro

Looks like the tourists are still here…

[Getting ready for dinner.] [Wearing my most favorite Karen Zambos dress Rob bought me that the ferry bag handlers somehow managed to spear a hole through, on both sides.] (more…)

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ACK, Day 2

Here are a couple pictures from this morning. I was able to do a little uploading during the mid-day outfit change. (The weather altered by a degree or two and Carey was feeling a boot change coming on.) I think the dissipation of the effects of her overindulgence in last night’s wine and goose liver […]

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