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Cubbies for corks.

In an attempt to marry my passion, wine, with my occupation in the construction industry, I began to develop some new concepts in wine storage and display with a focus on: ease of installation, space-conscious design, unique wine buying and stocking options, and a realistic, workable budget. The real breakthrough for this project came with an inexpensive custom […]

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Breakfast blunders.

I was checking my e-mail on the couch when I heard this really pathetic whimper come from the kitchen. “I know that sound,” I thought. I’d been aware, moments earlier, of Rob working on a masterpiece bowl of shredded wheat: arranging the squares, breaking them in half, pouring the milk, tapping the cinnamon out of the bottle, […]

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Image via CuriousWines.ie

Good wine gone bad. Updated and Reposted!

3 weeks, 3 great wine stores, 3 different bottles from 2 different countries—all bad. After a string of bad bottles from some of the best wine stores I know, I thought it was time for a repost. Up until now, most of the turned bottles I’ve opened have come from auction sites and been relatively […]

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Fringe science.

I’ve always been a fan of fringe. And alliteration. Of which you’re about to read a lot. When fringe is added to the equation in the right amounts (and the right quality), it imparts an unrivaled bohemian chic. However, if it looks like you bought it at a craft show, then you too will look like […]

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A moment captured when Eli isn't sinking his teeth into the dachshund.

Eli: March 10, 4:11 PM

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One wall down.

The Talented Mr. Burden.

The ongoing project in Jim and Jenny’s basement… he framed out the entire thing.   Rob’s own soffit design in the living room gets its final touches (and a coat of gold paint; my idea!): And stay tuned for updates on this project:

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Seemed smart at the time.


The other day before an important meeting, I needed to give myself a manicure. Seeing as how it was an important meeting, I went all out. I filled the sink with hot water, sprinkled in sea salt and lavender oil, then got a half of a lemon and stuck my fingers in the lemon and […]

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Sandy on the right wins!!!

Steak sandwich sauce-off.

One of Rob’s and my favorite dinners is seared filet, sliced thick, between two halves of a mini baguette with some mesclun salad. It’s unreal. The best part is flying by the seat of our Hanes’/Eberjey’s and making up a sauce to go along with it. If you know Wodehouses, you know the sauce is […]

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Rob and I went for a walk around Saratoga on Sunday because I feel as if I literally have gotten zero movement in a month. In addition to cooking random “spa” meals I cut out of Shape magazine in 1997, some Pilates here and there and NO ALCOHOL for 3 nights in a row (!!!), I’m hoping […]

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Newlywed posterity.

Sleep Talking 1. I’m reading my magazine while Rob sleeps when… Rob: “Unbelieveable.” Carey: “What is?” Rob: “How amazing these floors look.” Later… Rob: “It’s been really great spending time with you.” Carey (putting down the magazine now;  interested): “Yes, it has.” Rob: “Mmm.” Carey: “Remind me, what are you talking about?” Rob: “Twinkle lights.” […]

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oh noes

14 degrees and holding.

Dear God! Why is it so cold? Where is the sun? Who invented snow? Why haven’t I turned the heat on? Eli was padding down the hallway just now and poked his head around the doorframe. I looked at him from the bed, shivering. “Hi, there.” “I’s been up for 3 hours, please to feed me!?” “Eli, you were up here […]

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NY State Labor Department Web site woes.

…currently cured by a cold glass of Monsieur Touton Sauvignon Bordeaux originally purchased for fondue recipe, now being called on in a state of emergency!! $8.99, but very smooth, grapefruit and apricot flavors, tangy, no oak… Transitioning from admiring a silver, sequined tunic on shopbop.com to applying for unemployment does not suit my girl, oh […]

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