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mouse skull

Happy weekend, dudes.

A few things: Tell me you see the -17 dealio right there. Oh, and Monday looks like a good day to try out my new assless pants. (more…)

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Kors suede fringed boots

Flannel shirts, Speak n’ Spells.

[Fortunate Sun t-shirt from Red Wolf of Saratoga Springs + Kors boots + Seven jeans I cut off + AF shirt, cologne stank included.] Sat out in the sunshine on a perfect 72-degree day. Had a couple of beers on Broadway, met up with Radigan, moved on to Cantina for more beers, and one explosive […]

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Eli Burden The Greyest Cat In Town

Domestic scene.

Sometimes, we just need to get out of the house, go to a bar—look at each other over a table. Honestly, it’s that simple. Remove the regular comforts (trappings) of home—the news playing idly in the background, magazines, books, open laptops, Eli. We don’t go out for the reasons most people go out; we’re actually […]

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Carey and Bryan Gaffney's

Hangover cure.

[Circus Boy served in our patented hankie-rubberband cozies.] Hangover, you say? Let’s review the evidence as was gathered at Gaffney’s somewhere in the vicinity of 12:30AM: Oops. We keep seeing the hot sauce-stained paper plate from Esperanto in the trashcan and getting huge pangs of guilt. Meh, it’s track season. -C+R

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mouse in a Brickland

Stuart Little lives!

We stopped in the car show at SPAC on Saturday, on the way to soak off our hangovers in the Victoria Pool. I love vintage cars more than I could ever love any piece of vintage clothing, so it was a welcome detour. Saw a few dream cars: [Who can resist a classic Mercer.] [A […]

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Rob at Saratoga Polo match

Saratoga Polo.

One new thing each week. That’s what Carey and I decided this summer. After living in Saratoga for almost 4 years, and realizing all this town has to offer that we haven’t taken advantage of, it was time to get moving. We went to the Saratoga Springs Victoria Pool this weekend, and in the process […]

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SPAC beer and Cantina's Margarita

Goo Goo Dolls on wheels.

Our first concert by bike! I was hesitant at first, as I am with most new ideas, but I rolled a pant leg and bid my nonsense worrying adieu. Off we went. Quicker than by car, and certainly more fun—it was cool enough that I didn’t get a sweaty butt (an initial worry, while we’re […]

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Rob Burden Shakespeare Congress Park

Shakespeare in the park.

Culture goes great with a little libation; however, some culture requires it for one’s own mental safety. The acting is superbe in this particular troupe, but as goes with mind-bendingly complicated Shakespearean arts, if your attention is diverted for more than a few seconds, all is lost. Enter rum & cokes to go! (more…)

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Kings of Leon

In line at the Port-o-let.

[Joie Refugee boots + True Religion cutoffs + J.Crew silk blouse + vintage Andrew Marc fur vest] Please say we’re forgiven for spending $22 on two tall boy cans of Bud Light Lime… The hipsters reigned at the Kings of Leon concert last night. We only saw 3 incidences of public vomiting. That’s why I […]

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Carey Wodehouse

Broadening our horizons.

So I made Rob go to the only dance club in Saratoga late last night—Thirteen. The absurdity of the situation was not lost on us, I assure you—after just having polished off roughly $40 of rare cheeses and a bottle of Tinta de Toro, to a soundtrack of John Coltrane and Robert Johnson. We don’t […]

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Carey eating, enjoying, and hating Peeps.

Easter keister.

A hearty Happy Easter to all you funbunnies and peeps. Rob popped M&Ms in his mouth with a huge smile on his face while I looked on from the kitchen drinking Riesling right from the bottle. And those were just the before noon activities. Flashforward to the park: the weather was glorious, the Kadima flatulent […]

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Line out the door B&J's

Saratoga sushi-bound.

April is here, and we are having an amazingly warm weekend. Finding excuses to get out of the house started last night with a trek to pick up sushi—Carey even tootled out on her bike this morning for half ‘n’ half! Town’s buzzing—lots to look at. (more…)

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