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Carey as Karen from Californication

I did a Karen pretend.

[UO sequin vest + UO tee + AG jeans + Sam Edelman boots + Shopbop hat + Shashi necklace.] There was a chili cook-off. I believe I was saying, while presenting my entry: “I’m going to stir while I talk, if that’s ok with y’all.” I came in dead last, but as far as Karen […]

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Carey Wodehouse Richmond VA

Little walks to nowhere.

[Stoops meant for stoopin’ on. Daughters of the Revolution dress + Urban Outfitters bra + Sam Edelman Louie boots + ShopBop Bop Basics hat.] As a kid, I had a thing for really tangible, purposeful aberrations in the landscape. Things practically meant for clicking little kid shoes on: stones carefully placed in an arc through […]

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Take your brain; it's time to go.

Take your brain; it’s time to go.

[My new favorite trend: neon and neutral. H&M caftan + Kors fringed boots + Free People bag + Banana Jacket + ShopBop hat + Made with Love crochet necklaces.] I’m a lot of things, but an early adopter is not one of them. This goes for most things: technology, juice cleanses, movies under 4 years […]

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Shopbop slouchy cashmere beanie hat

ShopBop makes the best beanie hats.

Oh, hold on… all this talk about heads reminds me: I got a new hat! That’s right—another slouchy wool hat. [Look, my digits are whirring again.] Here she is making an appearance at The Bean in Manchester on National Margarita Day, while a girl in the background tries to duck from the excessive Hipstamatic usage […]

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