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Heaven can wait.

Probably the single thing taking up the most space on my hard drive is photos of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson, back when they were together and playing out all my personal fantasies in real-time, in front of flash bulbs, where I could later cut them out of pages and hoard them in my journal. […]

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Black Crowes t-shirt

A rock tee a day.

[Vintage Black Crowes t-shirt + Michael Kors lace-up boots + old college-era cutoffs (vintage? ha.) + Vanessa Mooney necklace and bracelets + excellent clay-filled ice pack.] Yo, I wore another rock tee. This time, to a concert. I noted, post-concert, that I had sort of dressed like a pirate hooker by accident, but another fogey […]

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Down the rabbit hole: Chris Robinson on his personal vinyl record collection.

Chris Robinson’s vinyl collection (part of it) in his Manhattan apt. All images courtesy interview piece by Mike Mettler in Sound + Vision, photo credits Sorrell Schneider. Do you have a count on how many records you own? I’ve probably got 4,500 to 5,000 records. I got rid of some to make room for more. […]

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Black Crowes Remedy Chris Robinson Carey Wodehouse

The 12 Days of Chris-mas: Day 7.

[An epic track. Sir Alistair Raj scarf + Shopbop hat.] Apologies in advance I haven’t been able to located a 10-gallon hat, but you can see him do it better than I ever could. I want all of these get-ups:

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glowing candle peace sign

The 12 Days of Chris-mas: Days 4 & 5.

[Day 4 in a sell-out tie dye shirt I didn’t steal from an old boyfriend, but in fact bought from Urban Outfitters. This cannot be helped; Daydreamer LA’s stuff is so so soft.] A two-fer! Nothing much to see here, just some loose recreations—on a lighter note, if you will. (more…)

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Chris Robinson style by Carey chicken dance

The 12 days of Chris-mas: Day 3.

[The Chris Robinson funky chicken dance in Current/Elliott elephant bells + HTC belt + JCrew shirt + Nanette Lepore vest + Vanessa Mooney necklaces x2.] (more…)

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daughters of the liberation army jacket

The 12 days of Chris-mas: Day 2.

[Daughters of the Liberation army jacket + vintage pins + Vanessa Mooney pendant + Deena & Ozzy hat + Title Unknown dashiki t + some bellbottom cords don’t remembah.] On the second day of Chris-mas, I waxed poetic about the South and channeled Lieutenant Dan, because that’s rock and roll—the intersection of grit and glory, […]

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chris robinson bohemian relaxed style board

Chris Robinson, my style icon.

As if you already didn’t know there was something sort of wrong with me, my style icon is, in fact, most definitely a dude. Aside from Karen from Californication [that post, incidentally, gets more hits than any other post on C+C, and her character is pretty much a female version of Chris, what with the scrappy […]

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holy tee fringed shawl

On secretly enjoying bad dreams.

[Vanessa Mooney Fight the Power studded cuff bracelet + Holy Tee fringed shawl.] Still posting beach pictures… things have been too busy to stay caught up! Vacations aren’t what they used to be; what fond memories I have of reading in the sun have been obliterated by the most puny invoice of monthly billable hours […]

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Black Crowes concert t-shirt

Tired, but wiser for the time.

[Vintage Black Crowes t-shirt + shorts.] Hey from Orlando, FL. Here on business, and feeling like this corner of the continent is some sort of mutant view on reality… (more…)

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Chris Robinson Oxford MS Artists Den

Black Crowes: Live from the Artists Den

[Chris Robinson on the Artists Den.] Sweet epi a friend just sent my way. And if I can state the obvious—however irrelevant: I just want to dress like Chris the rest of my days. Minus the beard, but I might not have a say in that if I go the way of my Granny’s chin […]

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Dorset quarry

Losing track of the English language at the Dorset Quarry.

Conversation with my therapist: “But, Carey, did you ever think to tell Rob: ‘I apologize, and I think this is a great conversation, I’d like to continue it some time, but right now I just want to look at the water…’?” “I guess, I just… I assumed… I mean, that’s how I am. The way […]

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