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Carey Less Than Zero

Less Than One (day of vacation left).

One more day to go then it’s tickets to tarmac in the a.m. (more…)

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Green Mountain Organic vodka.

Of all the stunning vistas of Vermont I could post… Seriously, though. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else, and it’s the best vodka I’ve ever had. Thanks, Manchester Discount Bev! So good to see familiar faces. Home truly is where the organic small-batch vodka is. C+R

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Citrine by the Stones Balagan necklace

Farewells and sister gypsies.

[Citrine by the Stones Balagan necklace, courtesy CBTS + J.Crew leopard scarf + Kain Label t-shirt + old junk cutoffs + Made Her Think ring.] Last Sunday morning on the mountain—but you wouldn’t know it, save the absence of the sheepskin rug and my stack of Architectural Digest, both packed away and ready for transit. Rob’s […]

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river walking

A fish in a trout stream.

Yesterday, I went for an icy dip in the Battenkill. It was an inexorable request I made to Rob, and not the first time it’s been made, either: I want to swim. There was the arduous process of “getting used to it” that I haven’t had to endure since I was 13 and August had […]

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J.Crew neon Vintage Cotton t-shirt

At my heels.

[J.Crew Vintage cotton t-shirt + Hunter boots via shopbop.com + J.Crew shorts + Torn suede fringed vest + Gara Danielle turquoise + F21 bracelets.] I have lived in this t-shirt for the last 3 weeks. The Albany J.Crew had a bench lined with these in a zillion fantastic colors, 2 sherberty neon shades I had […]

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Can’t find my way home.

[Willow dress + Jeffrey Campbell booties + Rebecca Taylor sweater + J.Crew belt + feather earrings from etsy.] Yes’m. Still wearing wool sweaters up here. And I gotta be honest with you: I almost snapped yesterday. For the 6th day in a row I was unable to see anything beyond the trees across the muddy […]

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Dorset quarry

Losing track of the English language at the Dorset Quarry.

Conversation with my therapist: “But, Carey, did you ever think to tell Rob: ‘I apologize, and I think this is a great conversation, I’d like to continue it some time, but right now I just want to look at the water…’?” “I guess, I just… I assumed… I mean, that’s how I am. The way […]

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climbed a tree

Shallow steps v. deep steps: a walk through the woods.

This morning I sat up on the deck alone for a few hours drinking coffee, while Rob slumbered away downstairs where I’d left him. Warm enough for shorts and a sweatshirt, Vermont made an irrevocable promise this morning that she’s agreed to shift into Spring. And in my forgiveness of her grievous wrongs of the […]

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Bamboo ice storm

Ice in March.

The power flickered, but held. The birches bent—like some stupid poem—and the windows glazed. The morning was beautiful and with a blue sky and a little salt on the roads, the storm was over. All was well, and lovely. But all was not well, and had I known that the same storm had killed my […]

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Rob Burden Smokin' Bowls

More on that soup shack.

This may seem like a little photo overkill for a post about a soup place (without any photos of the soup, to boot), but for someone who has a tremor, I’m super proud of these: Smokin’ Bowls: the lazy wife’s savior during a blizzard. Shoot the moose if I’m not tired of telling you about the […]

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checking the mailbox

Staying in and going out.

The best of both worlds in one night: staying in and going out. Because going out means driving a few yards down the mountain and over a small hill to get beers at Johnny See Saw’s. Act I. Staying in. Rob says “I’ll never get another wine glass,” referring to these Oregon Pinot Noir glasses […]

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snowed in

Postcards from the edge.

So I came about this close to losing it today. Can’t say what triggered it—low blood sugar or the bottling up and distraction from all the stress of the move—but there I was, pouring my second cup of coffee in an empty house, glitter snow swirling around the windows like mica… and my chin started […]

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