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Alain Roy · 2009 · Givry ‘En Vauvry’ · Burgundy, France

Wine Review: Alain Roy · 2009 · Givry ‘En Vauvry’ · Burgundy, France

Burgundy is complicated: the wine, the geography, the influence of vintage. Thankfully, there are some basic guidelines to follow. Burgundy is divided into a north, and a south; Pinot Noir is the heartbeat of the reds, Chardonnay of the whites. The most sought-after Pinot Noir is considered to be a product of  the north, or […]

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Zinfandel Season

Zinfandel is an all-American grape. Its wines are brassy and intense, usually uncomplicated, and always good with barbecue and lingering summer days. The last decade, when bigger was always better, was made for Zinfandel—big fruit, big oak, obscene alcohol percentages, and just-in-time drinkability. But that model may have been fad, and now buyers are looking […]

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2007 · Justin · Isosceles · Paso Robles, CA

B-Day Wine Review: 2007 · Justin · Isosceles · Paso Robles, CA

  So, I turned 29 this weekend. Yup, kind of a big deal, but only because Carey and a few of my close friends surprised me with a weekend of shenanigans. I was shuttled down the mountain at great haste by Carey to the Perfect Wife, a nice local bar and restaurant, for a few pops […]

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Carey cooking

Wine Review: 2008 · Beau Pere Cellars · Pinot Noir · Sonoma Coast, CA

If there was ever a wine that I could really enjoy endorsing to readers, this would be it. I learned a long time ago, that despite the uncontrollable determinants of grape growing, winemaking is generally in a constant state of improvement. When I first started collecting wine, I was constantly buzzing about after good deals […]

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Clos Du Val Merlot

Farewell Wine Review: 2005 · Clos Du Val · Merlot · Napa Valley, CA

A goodbye to a good town. Carey fired-up the stove for the last time tonight and I picked the last bottle of wine out of the fridge. I poured a glass and sat down on the couch and asked Eli to join me for a talk. “E, it’s time we told you. If you haven’t noticed, […]

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93 Point Pinot Challenge – Episode #917

Wine Review: 2008 · Alta Maria Vineyards · Pinot Noir · Santa Maria Valley, CA

A sinister snowflake? A sparsely-spined sea urchin? A magnified mini Koosh?  Nope! The artwork for Alta Maria Vineyards features hand-hewn iron nails used by homesteaders in Santa Maria before the Industrial Revolution introduced mass-produced, machine-cut nails. Despite its lowly function, each nail is unique from the next according to the conditions in which it was made […]

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Gypsy Dancer Oregon

Wine Review: 2006 · Gypsy Dancer Estates · Pinot Noir · A & G Estate Vineyard · Dundee Hills, OR

Gypsy Dancer first caught my eye when a glut of bottles, the A & G Estates Pinot Noir and the Cuvée Romy Pinot Noir, appeared on WineBid.com. They sat for months, getting chipped away at, before I plucked a bottle for myself. It wasn’t until it got home did I realize what that atypical quantity available for […]

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Otto's Constant Dream Pinot Noir

Wine Review: 2008 · Otto’s Constant Dream · Pinot Noir · Marlborough, New Zealand

To start, I had as much fun on Otto’s website as I had drinking their Pinot Noir. Well, not really. The wine was more fun, but their website was nearly as fun and surprisingly useful—especially to someone who has a limited attention span and shies away from the overly technical. I found their site very […]

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Wine Review: 2004 · Wild Hog Vineyard · Nova Vineyard · Zinfandel · Lake County, CA

Carey went through a nesting period in the weeks and months after our marriage. The result, among many various odds and ends around our apartment, is a diverse array of coffee table books. Too many to set on our coffee table without risking a collapse, so we established a few zones around our apartment where […]

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Vista Hills Treehouse Pinot Noir

Wine Review: 2007 · Vista Hills · Treehouse · Estate Pinot Noir · Dundee Hills · Willamette Valley, OR

  I let go of my membership to the Justin Wine Society about 6 months ago. Another one of my remaining 3 is on the chopping block. Lean times. Vista Hills, however, is not going anywhere—ironically, there is no doubt that had they not contacted us a day prior to our visit to Oregon and […]

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Wine Review: 2006 · Catalina Sounds · Pinot Noir · South Island · Nelson, New Zealand

I had a bad week of work last week. Well, tough more than bad. Scraped knees, dust-filled nostrils, and trunk full of sweaty t-shirts was the norm Monday thru Friday. But, despite my grungy appearance, I stopped in Exit 9 Wine and Liquor Warehouse for the first time after listening to their radio jingle at […]

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Tres Sabores Perspective Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Review: 2001 · Tres Sabores · Perspective · Cabernet Sauvignon · Rutherford, CA

Rutherford Perspective: noun; I. the experience of tastes relative to one another, as determined by one’s distance from a glass of luscious Cabernet, 2. a special vision resulting in hand-crafted wine from the western Rutherford bench. I love debut vintages. Not that I purposely seek them out—it’s more an interest in experiencing a winemaker’s initial […]

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