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Gigi: A successful 30-second, 3-glass wine tasting & other life lessons.

The French do do. Be chic, be coy, be funny. Know food, know faux, and by all means, know wine. And considering Gigi was my favorite movie growing up [my mother, in her infinite wisdom, almost always reserved it for my days spent at home, sick from school, under an afghan with a cup of […]

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Rob Burden wine tasting

Oregon wine tasting at The Barrel Thief.


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2008 Chateau Montelena Estate Zinfandel

Chateau Montelena tasting.

Being new to the area, I’m making sure to keep up with the local wine happenings. And this is a pretty happening spot for wine these days—The Wine Bloggers Conference is this week/weekend in Charlottesville. The first time on the east coast, and kind of a big deal in my world. Or I should say, it’s […]

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Michael McDonald lookalike

Shine Sweet Freedom: Welcome to the new C+C!

Ladies and germs: It has arrived! A C+C to make you weep with usability and superior organization! Only kidding—but it looks rad, right? Many thanks to the fine folks at Shannon-Rose Design for taking us into a new stratosphere! (more…)

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Clos Du Val Merlot

Farewell Wine Review: 2005 · Clos Du Val · Merlot · Napa Valley, CA

A goodbye to a good town. Carey fired-up the stove for the last time tonight and I picked the last bottle of wine out of the fridge. I poured a glass and sat down on the couch and asked Eli to join me for a talk. “E, it’s time we told you. If you haven’t noticed, […]

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93 Point Pinot Challenge – Episode #917

Wine Review: 2008 · Alta Maria Vineyards · Pinot Noir · Santa Maria Valley, CA

A sinister snowflake? A sparsely-spined sea urchin? A magnified mini Koosh?  Nope! The artwork for Alta Maria Vineyards features hand-hewn iron nails used by homesteaders in Santa Maria before the Industrial Revolution introduced mass-produced, machine-cut nails. Despite its lowly function, each nail is unique from the next according to the conditions in which it was made […]

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Gypsy Dancer Oregon

Wine Review: 2006 · Gypsy Dancer Estates · Pinot Noir · A & G Estate Vineyard · Dundee Hills, OR

Gypsy Dancer first caught my eye when a glut of bottles, the A & G Estates Pinot Noir and the Cuvée Romy Pinot Noir, appeared on WineBid.com. They sat for months, getting chipped away at, before I plucked a bottle for myself. It wasn’t until it got home did I realize what that atypical quantity available for […]

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via Eat and Greet: amazing wine tasting rooms.

Loved this post over at our bud Kiira’s fantastic gourmet drool-fest of a blog, Eat and Greet, and had to share. Inspiration: Wine Tasting Rooms [Medlock Ames Winery] Having been to our fair share of wineries, we will say the wine takes center stage—we’ve tasted wine in a converted garage, and it was outstanding. When there’s […]

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Broadly Vineyards Pinot Noir

Putnam Wine’s got groove.

This was a cool moment that’s going to ensure my future attendance on trips to the wine store with Rob. (more…)

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Saratoga Race Track starting gates fall

Heaven’s on fire.

[Smile! You’re on a bicycle. Bop Basics sweater + Kors boots + Banana jacket.] Before we’d even got out of bed, I turned to Rob and said, “We have to go find that crazy bike trail today.” I get ideas in my head like a little kid does and can’t be deterred. It stems from […]

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Otto's Constant Dream Pinot Noir

Wine Review: 2008 · Otto’s Constant Dream · Pinot Noir · Marlborough, New Zealand

To start, I had as much fun on Otto’s website as I had drinking their Pinot Noir. Well, not really. The wine was more fun, but their website was nearly as fun and surprisingly useful—especially to someone who has a limited attention span and shies away from the overly technical. I found their site very […]

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Wine Review: 2004 · Wild Hog Vineyard · Nova Vineyard · Zinfandel · Lake County, CA

Carey went through a nesting period in the weeks and months after our marriage. The result, among many various odds and ends around our apartment, is a diverse array of coffee table books. Too many to set on our coffee table without risking a collapse, so we established a few zones around our apartment where […]

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