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Clos Du Val Merlot

Farewell Wine Review: 2005 · Clos Du Val · Merlot · Napa Valley, CA

A goodbye to a good town. Carey fired-up the stove for the last time tonight and I picked the last bottle of wine out of the fridge. I poured a glass and sat down on the couch and asked Eli to join me for a talk. “E, it’s time we told you. If you haven’t noticed, […]

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93 Point Pinot Challenge – Episode #917

Wine Review: 2008 · Alta Maria Vineyards · Pinot Noir · Santa Maria Valley, CA

A sinister snowflake? A sparsely-spined sea urchin? A magnified mini Koosh?  Nope! The artwork for Alta Maria Vineyards features hand-hewn iron nails used by homesteaders in Santa Maria before the Industrial Revolution introduced mass-produced, machine-cut nails. Despite its lowly function, each nail is unique from the next according to the conditions in which it was made […]

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Gypsy Dancer Oregon

Wine Review: 2006 · Gypsy Dancer Estates · Pinot Noir · A & G Estate Vineyard · Dundee Hills, OR

Gypsy Dancer first caught my eye when a glut of bottles, the A & G Estates Pinot Noir and the Cuvée Romy Pinot Noir, appeared on WineBid.com. They sat for months, getting chipped away at, before I plucked a bottle for myself. It wasn’t until it got home did I realize what that atypical quantity available for […]

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Otto's Constant Dream Pinot Noir

Wine Review: 2008 · Otto’s Constant Dream · Pinot Noir · Marlborough, New Zealand

To start, I had as much fun on Otto’s website as I had drinking their Pinot Noir. Well, not really. The wine was more fun, but their website was nearly as fun and surprisingly useful—especially to someone who has a limited attention span and shies away from the overly technical. I found their site very […]

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Wine Review: 2004 · Wild Hog Vineyard · Nova Vineyard · Zinfandel · Lake County, CA

Carey went through a nesting period in the weeks and months after our marriage. The result, among many various odds and ends around our apartment, is a diverse array of coffee table books. Too many to set on our coffee table without risking a collapse, so we established a few zones around our apartment where […]

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Update review: Block 925 · Cabernet Sauvignon · Howell Mountain · Napa Valley, CA

What a difference a year makes. The last time I tasted the ’06 Howell Mountain, it was beside one of my all-time favorite Blocks, the 345 Rutherford. Both these wines were exceptional, far exceeding any expectations of what I would expect from a $20 Napa Valley Cabernet. But these weren’t just Napa reds; these were […]

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Vista Hills Treehouse Pinot Noir

Wine Review: 2007 · Vista Hills · Treehouse · Estate Pinot Noir · Dundee Hills · Willamette Valley, OR

  I let go of my membership to the Justin Wine Society about 6 months ago. Another one of my remaining 3 is on the chopping block. Lean times. Vista Hills, however, is not going anywhere—ironically, there is no doubt that had they not contacted us a day prior to our visit to Oregon and […]

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Wine Review: 2006 · Catalina Sounds · Pinot Noir · South Island · Nelson, New Zealand

I had a bad week of work last week. Well, tough more than bad. Scraped knees, dust-filled nostrils, and trunk full of sweaty t-shirts was the norm Monday thru Friday. But, despite my grungy appearance, I stopped in Exit 9 Wine and Liquor Warehouse for the first time after listening to their radio jingle at […]

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Tres Sabores Perspective Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Review: 2001 · Tres Sabores · Perspective · Cabernet Sauvignon · Rutherford, CA

Rutherford Perspective: noun; I. the experience of tastes relative to one another, as determined by one’s distance from a glass of luscious Cabernet, 2. a special vision resulting in hand-crafted wine from the western Rutherford bench. I love debut vintages. Not that I purposely seek them out—it’s more an interest in experiencing a winemaker’s initial […]

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Do wine writers suffer and all that? Detail

“Do wine writers suffer and all that?”

I have an uncle who reads The New Yorker and an aunt with a little framing studio in her basement—together they are an effective team, and they know me well. I just received a second wine cartoon; I now have an official collection! Don’t miss the first one here: Sacrilege!. (more…)

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Verona Italy

Wine Review: 2008 · Riondo · Pianello Rosso · Verona, IT

The farther away you get from downtown Saratoga, the crustier the wine stores become—it happens in a matter of a mile or two. When traveling through upstate New York, fear most wine stores that appear to be sharing strip mall space with a Stewart’s Shop. Unless you’re buying gin, these stores are formulaically awful. Although […]

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Bedell Cellars · Merlot Reserve · Long Island, NY

Wine Review: Bedell Cellars · Merlot Reserve · Long Island, NY

[To see the below wine as it resides in an awesome collage about Montauk, check out this post at Holier Than Now I was commissioned to help out with.] Just a 2-acre plot behind the Bedell winery, on the craggy-looking North Fork of Long Island, is the unlikely source of a world-class Merlot. (more…)

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